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    Frequently asked questions

    About Aerial Video & Photography

    Answered By a Professional Drone Pilot

    Are you CAA accredited & insured?

    Yes we have been awarded the nationally recognised qualification – PfCO by the CAA. In order for us to be able to fly safely, we publish an operations manual which details the procedures and safety precautions employed in both the pre planning risk assessments and onsite evaluations.

    We are insured by the specialist drone insurance company Coverdrone. This includes public liability up to £1 million.

    What do I get If I hire you?

    A professional and courteous pilot is what we bring to every project. We are able to balance safety with the need to take great photos and videos in sometimes challenging environments. We respect the law as well as people and property in the immediate vicinity of where we are working. If it is not safe to fly, we will not fly.

    When we have a successful shoot, you are guaranteed unlimited JPEG and RAW photo images and 4K MPEG or .MOV files in D-Log or Cinema. Drone Support Services will hold the intellectual property, however every image or video recorded will be yours either via downloadable transfer or USB stick.

    What are the fees?

    Every project is different, so charges are tailored to reflect the amount of time and amount of photos/recording we undertake. This could be anywhere between 1 hour on site or half a day. We can even commit to a full day with the capacity to re-charge the batteries.

    Why should we choose Drone Support Services?

    We enjoy what we do, and it is reflected in the quality of work we produce. We believe you will love the results too. Please take a minute to look at some reviews we have on bark.com and Facebook in the side bar of this page.

    Where is Drone Support Services based, and what areas do you cover?

    We are based in South Lincolnshire, but travel nationwide, anywhere within the United Kingdom.

    How long can it stay in the air?

    Each battery gives approximately 20 minutes, this is reduced as conditions such as wind and temperature affect how the drone operates and can make both the drone/battery work harder.

    Our aircraft has 8 batteries, so flight time can be as much 2 hours and 40 minutes with 5-minute intervals for landing and to change over batteries.

    Is there just one pilot?

    For the majority of projects only one person is required, however it may occasionally be necessary to use an observer employed by the company who will be in radio contact with re pilot

    Are there any restrictions for the drone?

    Yes. The following restrictions apply to small unmanned aircraft:

    1. They are not permitted to fly to a height greater than 400 feet or 121 metres
    2. They are not permitted to fly further than 500m horizontally
    3. They are not permitted to leave the remote pilot’s visual line of sight
    4. They are not permitted to fly in windspeeds of 20 mph or more
    5. They are not permitted to fly in restricted airspace – this included within 5km of an airport or aerodrome, or military air traffic zone.
    6. They are not permitted to fly within 150 metres of built up areas or organised crowds of over 10000 people.
    7. They are not permitted to fly within 50 metres of buildings vehicles and vessels.
    8. If an aircraft or helicopter is observed in the vicinity, the drone is immediately landed.

    How does the weather affect the drone?

    As already mentioned, wind speeds of over 20 mph would mean landing the aircraft until the conditions are more favourable. The drone is not able to fly when raining or snowing.

    If you have any further questions please get in touch, we would love to talk to you about your project. You can call on 07398 113960 or email richardm@dronesupportservices.co.uk.

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